Welcome to Absolute Fitness & Rehab, where you can Get Better, Stay Better, & Feel Better!

front_page_imageAbsolute Fitness & Rehab is a personal fitness and physical therapy practice, conveniently located in Bedford NH. Whether you need to get well or stay well and healthy, you will find a comfortable environment and a supportive staff to help meet your personal goals. We will help you improve your quality of life by decreasing or eliminating any pain, and increasing your activity level so you feel and stay healthy. Come meet our highly qualified staff, registered physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, Pilates, and Yoga instructors and learn how our customized and personal attention  can help you maximize your well being! Give us a call.

Need expert help and support as you recover from surgery, an illness, or injury?  Want a welcoming supportive environment for exercise to get in share and keep fit?  Deserve a little pampering to keep up with your hectic schedule?

Physical Therapy

Improve your body alignment with physical therapy. Learn why you have discomfort. We offer a  personal caring environment with individual treatment rooms for your privacy and we give one-physical_therapy_lgon-one care during your therapy sessions. We will also design an exercise program to strengthen any muscles which are weak, and lengthen and release tension in your tight muscles. We will help you improve your posture, balance and increase efficiency of your movement and energy level.

Absolute Fitness & Rehab can help you improve or alleviate the following conditions with our specialized treatments:

  • Acute Chronic Neck Painphysical_therapy_sm
  • Back and Shoulder Pains
  • Headaches
  • TMJ
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fibromyalgia

Fitness Programs

fitness_lgAbsolute Fitness and Rehab makes exercise fun and rewarding for you. We’ll help you find the exercise program that is right for you. We offer different levels of classes to meet your level of fitness, expertise, and goals. Our personalized coaching will ensure that you get the most out of your workout without injury. Our instructors have specialized training so we can modify an exercise if you are recovering from an injury or have not exercised in a while, and keep exercises more challenging as you get in shape.

Yoga I

This series of classes explores the fundamentals of yoga asanas (poses). Each class focuses on proper alignment of the body in classical yoga poses, as well as on breathing and relaxation techniques. Techniques which are helpful in calming the nervous system, keeping the mind and body healthy, and developing strength and flexibility are taught as well. This class is suitable for those that are new to yoga, or those that wish to continue to develop a strong foundation in Hatha yoga poses.


Pilates is a method of body conditioning that builds strength in your abdominal, back, and buttock muscles. It lengthens the spine, increases muscle tone, and flexibility. The concentration is on performing few but extremely precise repetitions with a specific breathing pattern. By conditioning the entire body to achieve muscular balance and efficient movement, there is overall improvement in performance, coordination, and balance.


It can also be useful in the rehabilitation of neck, back injuries, total joint replacements, chronic pain, post-surgical procedures, and postural pain syndromes.


On The Ball Therapy

This method of therapy is a unique technique developed to remove tension and stress from your body.

The ball is placed under specific areas of the body to release muscle tension. A combination of body weight and breathing exercises helps to free restricted areas and increase circulation.

Benefits of On the Ball Therapy

This technique has been effective in alleviating headaches, shoulder and neck tension, low back discomfort and other symptoms caused by muscle tension.



Rebounding is a rejuvenating, fun exercise to improve your physical health. Jumping on the reboundologyimagerebounder with light or aerobic bounces strengthens you immune system. When you bounce every cell of the body is being stimulated by the forces of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity. Your cells experience a gentle squeeze at the bottom of the bounce, which pushes toxins out of the cell, allowing new nutrients to get into the cell. Because of the shock absorption of the mat, it prevents stress on the ankle knees and back. A stabilizer bar can be added if needed for balance. Rebounding is beneficial for all levels of fitness.


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